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Polymers and fillers

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Supporting the global expansion of excellent products

Since its founding, West One Corporation has consistently supported companies that are active in "high-end" and "niche" fields around the world. In particular, in order to contribute to the production of excellent products in the Japanese manufacturing industry, we provide the world's high-quality, high-quality resin materials with know-how. Our mission is to support the market entry by optimal marketing for companies with high technology and unique products who are willing and hopeful to expand into the world.      

The reason of the choosing

Solution Provider

By understanding the core technology and product knowledge of each product, we can solve problems with a wide range of products that can be proposed from upstream raw material manufacturers to downstream processing manufacturers, and materials and know-how that can be searched using overseas group networks.

Professional Team for Polymers and Carbons

The representative and other staff have been dealing with resin materials for many years. In addition, we have group networks in Europe, the United States, and Asia, and material experts around the world share important information such as niche materials and know-how that cannot be found in Japan in the shortest possible time.

Global Network

We have group sales offices overseas, provide local marketing information and know-how, have mobility on a global level, and can support overseas expansion by making joint visits. For companies that do not have a sales network, it is possible to accompany them overseas and share the true information of the market.