Electrically conductive compounds

Product name : LUVOCOM Electrically conductive compounds
Manufacturer : Lehmann&Voss&Co.

Description & Features

Electrically conductive, antistatic, shielding:

Electrically conductive LUVOCOM® high-performance compounds are produced by adding electrically conductive substances such as carbon fibres, carbon nanotubes (CNTs), stainless-steel or graphites. The desired electrical resistance can be adjusted during the process: from ohm for the antistatic formulation up to ohm for conductive materials.

Electrically conductive LUVOCOM® high-performance compounds have decisive advantages over metals or coatings: they offer a great degree of freedom in design while the finished parts have a lower weight, are especially tough and are easier and more cost-effective to manufacture.

EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) requirements can also be implemented more easily with LUVOCOM®. On the one hand, ever-smaller electronic components with increasingly high working speeds make it more difficult to keep control of the electromagnetic smog that they generate. On the other hand, the sensitive components have to be protected against emissions from other devices. LUVOCOM® high-performance compounds also shield against high-frequency electromagnetic radiation. Shielding values in excess of 60 dB can be achieved with the appropriate additives.

Technical Data