Thermally conductive compounds

Product name : LUVOCOM Thermally conductive compounds Manufacturer:Lehmann&Voss&Co.

Description & Features

Heat-conducting, electrically conducting or insulating, with good processing characteristics:

Plastics are poor heat conductors. The thermal conductivity in standard materials lies between 0.1 and 0.4 W/mK. However, thanks to the use of special additives, LUVOCOM® high-performance compounds achieve significantly higher values of more than 20W/mK.

Through our special compounding expertise, we provide you with precisely the material you need to meet your requirements. Electrically conductive and electrically insulating products are also available. Thermallyconductive compounds may be employed wherever it is necessary to avoid overheating, most commonly, in electrical and lighting applications, and is achieved through the greater heat-dissipation characteristics of the appropriate LUVOCOM® high-performance compounds.

Yet the shape remains very flexible; during injection moulding, for example, cooling fin structures can be included to allow the complete enclosure of even geometrically complex components. In mechanical engineering, thermally conductive LUVOCOM® high-performance compounds are suitable for friction bearings and motor housings. Numerous applications exist in the automotive industry. In the field of lighting technology, these materials help to increase the efficiency of LED lamps.


Technical Data