High-temperature resistant compounds


Product name : LUVOCOM High-temperature resistant compounds

Description & Features

Thermally durable, inherently flame-retardant and stable to chemicals:

LUVOCOM® high-performance compounds of this product class withstand especially high long-term operating temperatures, depending on the type of polymer used in each case – for example 150 °C for PA46, up to 180 °C for PEI and PES, 220 °C in the case of PPS and up to 260 °C for PEEK or PEEK-HT. The material strength under heat can be significantly raised by the addition of suitable reinforcing materials.

Another notable feature is resistance to fire without the need for flame-retardant additives, which tend to give poorer moulding and mechanical characteristics, are of higher density, and carry environmental issues.

High-temperature resistant LUVOCOM® high-performance compounds are available in numerous colours, as used, for example, in PEEK products for medical engineering. Typical applications also include parts subject to high stresses in mechanical engineering, in medical technology and in the automotive sector for the engine compartment and drive train.

Technical Data