Lubricant-modified compounds

Product name : LUVOCOM Lubricant-modified compounds
Manufacturer : Lehmann&Voss&Co.

Description & Features

Durable, reliable, cost-saving:

We enhance the tribological properties (friction and wear) of thermoplastics by adding lubricants and reinforcing materials, such as carbon fibres, aramid fibres, nanoadditives and PTFE. Tribologically adjusted LUVOCOM® high-performance compounds have deposits of lubricant. Judicious selection of these ingredients, in combination with the correct resin matrix, enables particularly low, and individually coordinated coefficients of friction to be achieved in a wide range of tribologicallymodified LUVOCOM® high-performance compounds. This saves on expensive, inconvenient, time-consuming, and often, short-lived additional surface lubrication.

This saves on expensive and time-consuming additional surface lubrication. Components and assemblies remain clean while long-term performance and reliability are significantly improved. These materials also offer outstanding oxidation and corrosion resistance to aqueous solutions, acids and bases that have a corrosive effect on metal.

Lubricant-modified LUVOCOM® high-performance compounds are therefore not only suitable for self-lubricating bearings, but also for all multifunctional applications in which good slip characteristics and low wear are important. Furthermore, in lubricated systems, the dry-running properties of these materials increase safety levels for designers and users alike.


Technical Data